Chicago’s Naledge of Kidz in the Hall

Naledge: the interview with rolling out

Poised and articulate, Naledge has never been short regarding his  honesty and candor about the state of hip-hop.

Naledge a Chicago MC who is one-half of the critically acclaimed rap duo Kidz In The Hall, is a wealth of knowledge. This Ivy League graduate understands both his niche and role in advancing hip-hop nationally and here in Chicago. He’s well respected amongst his colleagues, and is an artist that isn’t indebted to the music industry’s demands.

Additionally, Naledge has created his own reality TV show broadcasted on MTV2.

“Our idea was how we could we do something that really allows a fan something deeper than having a song, or seeing a tweet, or thinking they know you?,” he tells rolling out. “I wanted people to feel like ‘I really like Naledge as a person, he’s someone I would kick it with.’”

Naledge realized that although the current information presented on these platforms lack depth and consideration, yet the accessibility of these forums can still be used to reach new audiences and showcase artists that don’t manipulate social media idly.

Naledge has come a long way and trail blazed avenues for Chicago talent to attract the attention of national media. “There were no major bloggers when I started. I mean we had Pitchfork here, but if Pitchfork didn’t like your music that was it,” Naledge says.

As hip hop continues to brand itself as a lifestyle, coupled with the Internet’s overwhelming ability to provide new audiences with unlimited access to music, alternative media sources are needed to showcase new talent.

Blogs are the new A&Rs for hip hop, as the Internet allows artists the space to create cult followings.

“In the next five years I see certain artists coming out that are able to do festivals, 200 shows a year, and make a good living,” says Naledge.

Naledge is in a truly unique and advantageous position; he’s proven himself to hip hop enthusiasts throughout the nation as one of the freshest faces at the top of his game.

Naledge also gives back to his community; he founded the Brainiac Society, a Chicago-based urban lifestyle brand aimed at providing entertainment through music production, and other media. But it’s also a movement to inspire change makers.

“I want to inspire people to make intelligent decisions in life. Making good life moves is cool.”

Check out his website Brainiac Society here:

Trailer for Here Now reality TV series on MTV:

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