Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce Launches Black Tourism App; Black Business Directory

Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce's Steven Mussenden, president and CEO, and Ruben Hopkins, chairman

Have you ever visited a new city and wondered where the black businesses are because you wanted to show your support? Then you need to download the free Black Tourism nationwide travel app. It has all the information you need: Where to go and what do in Black America. Whether you’re in the black Mecca of the south, Atlanta, looking for a hair salon or a barber shop, or in Milwaukee searching for a good soul food or black-owned restaurant, the Black Tourism app is your best resource.

“With this app, you can travel from one end of the country to the other and be able to identify African American-owned hotels, barber shops, salons, black radio station and black churches. When you travel, you will feel connected and will know where to spend your money to support black businesses,” shares Ruben Hopkins, chairman and founding member of the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce.

There is a nominal fee (currently $25) a for business to be placed on the list.

“The app is three months old. We are recruiting businesses to get on the list so the user can find them. It is available on iPhone and iPad, Windows and Android phones. If you are on a Blackberry, you can go directly to the website, www.blacktourism.biz or www.blackamerica.biz, which have the same links,” says Hopkins. –yvette caslin

For more information or to register your business, contact the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce at 414-551-6649.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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