Mindless Behavior is one of the leading pop acts in America. The four-member singing group garnered success with their debut album, #1 Girl, and have die-hard fans from California to Japan.

The group is currently headlining the 25-city ” #1 Girl Tour” which features opening acts such as Lil Twist, Jacob Latimore and Kayla Brianna.

While taking a break, Mindless Behavior sat down to speak with rolling out about touring and preparing for the release of a new album.

You guys had great success with the “Scream Tour.” What can fans expect this time around?

Ray Ray: The fans should expect a lot of energy, us having fun and flirting with girls on stage (laughs). This time, it’s our actual tour and our show has gone from 30 minutes to one hour and 10 minutes.

Princeton: We’re bringing a lot of energy to the tour.  We have dancers for the first time and we’re bringing a great show to all the cities that haven’t seen us yet.

You guys have been featured on some of the top award shows and celebrity functions. Who have you met that was your idol before you guys became famous?

Ray Ray: Recently we got to meet Usher, which was awesome.  We also got to meet Drake.  One of my biggest inspirations is P. Diddy. We actually got a chance to visit P. Diddy at his home.

Roc Royal: We got a chance to meet Lil’ Wayne. Everyone has given us great advice on the group. Also, it was good to meet Chris Brown because he’s a great entertainer and puts on a great show.

What’s the best memory since you guys have been together?

Ray Ray: For me, it’d have to be the visit to the White House and our first time going to the UK.

When can fans expect a new album?

Prodigy: We record back and forth while we’re on tour so we’re hoping to get it out soon.

What advice do you guys have for young kids hoping to follow their dreams?

Princeton: I would probably tell them to just be focused and don’t let people block your concentration.  Do what you love and just stay true to yourself and remember where you came from.

Roc Royal: Keep your head up and stay confident and make sure there’s a meaning to everything you do.

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A.R. Shaw

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