Bruce Taylor Creates Tees Dedicated to Chicago’s House Music

Bruce Taylor, creator of tees dedicated to House Music.

Chicago native and house music lover, Bruce Taylor is the creator of an apparel line called The Birth of House Music.

House music originated in Chicago in 1981, directly descending from disco music.  House music’s booming bass, and the beats that you can’t help but dance to, set the stage for Taylor to create clothing to pay homage to House Heads everywhere.

How have you been influenced by House Music?

Taylor: My clothes are geared to Chicago House Music. Since I was a little kid I’ve been into House. I was introduced to house after disco, so after high school I got even more in-depth with House music; that was the scene back in the day with young kids. They were looking for a new sound other than disco. This new sound came out, house music. Everybody started making their own music, beats, and that was something for the young kids, the 80s. It was something different, after that, house music took over.

What inspired you to start the clothing line, The Birth of House Music?

Taylor: I was flying all over the world and I was hearing house music everywhere. One time I was down in Mexico and I was by myself in Cancun in a café, and I just asked one of the emcees if they have any House. He said yes, he didn’t even ask where I was from. He came back with all Chicago House Music. That’s when I thought this music is hitting everybody from Mexico, to overseas, down to South America, and there were no t-shirts to promote House Music from Chicago. Most people say it came from New York, Baltimore, maybe Detroit, that’s what inspired me to make the t-shirt, to show where it came from.

How do people respond to the t-shirts?

Taylor: People loved it. Something representing Chicago such as traditional stepping, skating, that’s how I got inspired for the t-shirts, and so everybody could know, house music started here.

For more info, visit The Birth Of House Music.

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