Wood-Star Music Festival: MC Lyte ‘Insulted by Today’s Hip-Hop’

MC Lyte at the Wood-Star Music Festival in Chicago to benefit the Shannon Brown Foundation.

“I am insulted by today’s hip-hop,” a petite, yet powerful MC Lyte bellowed from the stage.

Thunderous applause followed.

MC Lyte is authentically old school, with a roster of number one songs that span 25 years, and she didn’t have to name names to get the desired effect:  A super dis to the manufactured, autotune-overdose songs that have left the essence of hip-hop far behind.

“They ain’t ready for nothing new kids, so we kick the same sh** as if they are stupid,” she rhymed.

Authenticity and responsibility were the overriding themes of the ageless, timeless, and priceless hip- hop legends that took the stage at the Wood-Star Music Festival in Chicago over the weekend.

The Wood-Star Music Festival benefits the Shannon Brown Foundation.

MC Lyte’s argument is that today’s hip-hop artists have a finger on the pulse of the youth culture, and are duty bound to say something worthy; notably, she’s concerned with the plight of young girls and how music impacts self image.

To wit, MC Lyte launched the  Hip Hop Sisters Network; the organization will provide  a four-year $100,000 scholarship for women at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in hip-hop studies. For more info, visit MCLyte.com.

Millennials were introduced to old school hip hop.



Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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