Unlike Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, who leaned on their famous lineage to obtain fame; or Kim Kardashian, who used a mattress to accomplish the same objective, the following offspring of celebrities made the world recognize them — not because of their parents names, but because of their own talent and skills. Icons in their own right, these celebrities have not been crushed by the oft-oppressive family fame.

Rolling out compiled a list of the most successful celebrity children with some help from celebritycafe.com

1. Stella McCartney
How would you like the be the offspring of this man? Obviously it has worked out perfectly. After falling in love with fashion as a kid and making clothes beginning at 13, Stella McCartney then interned with Christian Lacroix at 16 and soon built an empire of her own the way her father Paul did in the studio. Today, Stella has 23 stores on some of fashion’s most coveted real estate in New York, Los Angeles and London. Four children and zero divorces later, McCartney was adidas’ creative director for Team Great Britain for the London Summer Olympic Games.

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