Bow Wow and Other Ridiculous Celebrity Twitter Hackings

Bow Wow Lashes Out at Fan, Claims His Twitter Was Hacked 

Fans of a disgruntled Cash Money rapper may have noticed a series of bizarre tweets on his Twitter account that he now claims were the result of an intricate hacking. Bow Wow recently used social media to voice his issues with his label, claiming that they haven’t properly promoted his upcoming album. Already obviously stressed, the  25-year-old dad became irate Tuesday when a picture started circulating online seemingly showing him laying in bed with another man. When one prankster tweeted the picture directly to Bow, he exploded in in an angry outburst and dubbed the user a “fruit pie” before putting out a bounty for a taped physical altercation.

“I got $2k [to] whoever show up to MSU find this n—-, slap the s— out of em and tweet me the link.” Bow would later change the number to $8,500 but has since deleted the tweet.

After being blasted for encouraging violence online, a number of bizarre tweets began to show up on Bow Wow’s timeline. The tweets were reportedly from a hacker that wanted Bow Wow’s fans to listen to his music.

“N— I got Bow Twitter on smash follow me … I’m the hacker. Bow you want [your] pg back, I want 10K.”

The conveniently timed “hacker” is still tweeting from the rapper’s Twitter account and the real Bow Wow has remained quiet. How convenient.

Bow’s latest “hacking” is often a ploy used by celebs looking to deny responsibility for their actions. By contrast, however, there are times when a hacking is indeed the work of a crafty code cracker looking to incite trouble. Bow’s far from the only celeb to be a “victim” of social media shenanigans however, check out a few more ridiculous celebrity hackings below. –danielle canada

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