Sammie Talks ‘Insomnia’ Album, Musical Hiatus and New Style

After 12 years in the music business Sammie is back with a mixtape that he says kept him awake at night constantly perfecting and reinventing its sound. The singer-songwriter, who’s a far cry from the adorable adolescent who once plastered preteen posters, recently sat down with rolling out to discuss his brief departure from music, his fashionable new look and his Insomnia project that he says is his life personified in audio form. –danielle canada

Where have you been over the years? It seems like you went into hiding. 

I’ll be honest, after “Kiss Me Through The Phone” [with Soulja Boy] in 2009, I closed a deal with Interscope and finished my album. I won’t speak of it too much because it’s a negative situation but I parted ways with an ex business partner and some people have a hard time letting go and don’t want to see you shine without them. That’s something I’ve been battling for the past two or three years of my life. I just believe that God’s timing is perfect.

R&B seems to be moving in a new direction, with some artists pushing a more pop-house music sound. Is that what you’re going for or are you staying more authentic in the genre?

I’m all about substance. I’m all about music that makes you feel [a certain] way. Insomnia has no house music. It’s a lot of chords, a lot of piano and a lot of strings. Somebody has to keep it alive.

Tell us about Insomnia; what about this project makes you an insomniac?

It’s been about two years since I did a mixtape. This time I called the project Insomnia because every topic is what kept me up. Every topic means something to me. No story has been fabricated; it’s all my real life.

Talk about your new image.

In 2012 it’s about setting trends and trying something new. After being off the scene I wanted to take my fashion to a new level, I wanted to take new risks and see myself in something I wouldn’t normally wear. Shout-out to my stylist, Troi, for having me on another avenue. I wanted to bring back that smooth, suave, yet classy to R&B. It’s about doing what everybody’s afraid to do.



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