So much for freedom of speech.

Nicki Minaj apparently incited rage in some disgusted Democrats who issued death threats because she had the audacity to think for herself and support the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket over the incumbent, President Obama.

Turns out the rapper won’t vote because she isn’t registered to vote. In fact, Minaj has never voted, reports famed celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

It was reported the other day that the Barbie queen has a rap line that implies she will be supporting Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b***hes is f-ing up the economy,” Minaj raps on Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Dedication 4.

Soon thereafter, some fans went volcanic on Minaj with profane Tweets.

Here are some of the tweets, courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

Warning: the Tweets are not for children: 

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