The Ivy League’s Brown University has released a study that shows where the most and least diverse city/regions are in the United States. The study scores metropolitan regions by how the city’s are spread from a demographic standpoint: whites, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans and individuals of two or more racial backgrounds.

According to the study, “a perfectly diverse place would have a population with exactly 20 percent of each category and a total score of 100 — the community characteristics researchers correlated with diversity were: large total and foreign-born populations; high rental occupancy, as a community needs a supply of rental housing to accommodate newcomers; a range of occupational options, including entry-level jobs; and a low minority-to-white income ratio.”

As of 2010, the latest year available for the study, the southern, coastal and western are more diverse, especially in Northern California.
Here are the five most and least diverse cities in America:

Most Diverse #1: Vallejo-Fairfield, CA
Total score: 89.3
White share: 40.8%
Black share: 14.2%
Hispanic share: 24.0%
Asian share: 15.1%
Other: 5.9%
Terry Shropshire

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