NBA Players With Herpes

Dennis Rodman with his famous former play thing, Madonna

The NBA life may be a glamorous one, but it is also rife with hazards and unseen landmines. Young, unsophisticated kids inheriting millions are often unrefined and untamed with pursuing all of their appetites, making them vulnerable to dangers and predators. Which is why a few of them have allegedly contracted sexually transmitted diseases, most notably herpes.

These men should serve as a precautionary tale or young men and college star aspiring to get into the NBA to practice constraint and personal discipline, lest they fall prey to STDs

These are the NBA players who are member of the all-herpes team: 

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  • bodynsoul
    October 10, 2015

    Chuck Person retired NBA Player & Coach (coach NCAA) With Herpes. He had an extramarital affair with my friend and knowingly infected her with herpes during this period. His wife Carmen knows he has HERPES and lets him cheat.

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