White celebrities have received much criticism for their decision to adopt black babies, particularly ones born in Africa and other Third World countries. Disparaging remarks and stereotypes have ranged from “Hollywood’s hottest accessory” and “deep-seated white guilt” to “suspicious.”

Deculturalization has been touted as one of the biggest concerns. One must really give that some thought. Would you rather see a child have a second chance at life when they are orphaned? Or, would you prefer to see them in a documentary or read a shocking headline that s/he’s been recruited by Joseph Kony’s militant rebel group, Lord’s Resistance Army?

Modern family: White celebrity moms with black children

Modern family 2: White celebrity dads with black kids

In black and white (no pun intended), the answer seems obvious.

It’s the new normal and we must accept the fact that people have the right to adopt children no matter the race or ethnicity when they have the means and the capacity to provide a loving home. America is multicultural and when considering adoption, it’s OK to be colorblind. Color consciousness should only be taken into consideration when rearing the child and ensuring there are no issues with their identity as they grow older.

Here, we’ve listed A-list celebrities who have adopted transracially and we’ve also mixed in a few celebrities who have secret black children.

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