Honey Cocaine discusses rapper Freddy E’s suicide


Honey Cocaine denies being to blame for rapper’s suicide

After her reported ex committed suicide during a live Twitter rant, a budding female rapper is issuing a response. Honey Cocaine who has seen her name in headlines after the death of rapper Freddy E, is sharing her thoughts on the passing of one of her close friends. As previously reported Freddy E shocked a number of Twitter.com users when he wrote about killing himself and went through with the task. The rapper was rumored to be devastated over a breakup with Honey Cocaine.

“I think he was just going through a lot and that’s his personal business, I’m not going to speak on what he was going through,” said Cocaine during a recent interview with MTV News. “He was going through some things, sometimes people can’t handle it”

According to Cocaine however she’s not to blame for the tragedy that ended the 20[-year-old rapper’s life especially considering that the pair were nothing more than friends. “What they don’t understand is that we were friends, we were just friends,” said Cocaine to MTV. “Blogs are saying that I was his ex-girlfriend and he did what he did because of a failed relationship. That has nothing to do with anything. I need people to understand that it was just a friendship,”


Honey says she was at the gym at the time of Freddy E’s death and at first did not believe he actually committed suicide. She did say however that her close friend was now resting as an angel. Everyone is fighting their own battles. We’re all soldiers. Some of our soldiers turn to angels, and some of us turn to veterans,” she told MTV. ” And he was one who turned into an angel.”

Check out Honey Cocaine speaking on Freddy E below. –danielle canada


  • zobop republic
    January 10, 2013

    I find this trend disturbing!
    Are Black males committing suicide more oftern nowadays?
    Am I the only one who notices this?

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