Stephanie George (C) and the rest of the “Bad Girls Club Atlanta” cast

Stephanie George talks “Bad Girls Club Atlanta” 

Arguably the calmest in the”Bad Girls Club Atlanta”cast, Stephanie George is laid back, open minded and drama free—of the physical fashion at least. On a show where ladies literally come to blows, the black and El Salvadorean dancer often breaks up brawls and gives viewers a glimpse of her party girl lifestyle. Below she talks her exotic dancing background, her highly-discussed relationship with another reality star and her post television aspirations.


rollingout: What was your background before “Bad Girls Club”?

Stephanie: I’m 21, I live in Harlem, I was working as a stripper. I’m el salvadorian and black. I was the token party girl in New York, City, that’s what everyone knew me as.

rollingout: What made you want to be on “Bad Girls Club?”

Stephanie: A lot of people told me I should be on “Bad Girls Club”, I was always acting out in public and they said, ‘oh you’re so crazy.’ I ended up making it and it was kind of like destiny.

rollingout: What about your audition tape do you think made you standout?

Stephanie George


Stephanie: I think because I’m so open about me being a stripper and a lot of girls keep it on the down low because they’re ashamed of it. I kind of glorified, it empowers me. I love women, I love men, I love dancing for money.

rollingout: Are you still dancing today?

Stephanie: I’m not but I would never be ashamed of being a dancer. It was a stepping stone in my life. Just being on “Bad Girls” opened my eyes and told me that I need to do something else.

rollingout: One of the big story lines is your relationship with [your boyfriend] Andre. What in particular drew you to him?

Stephanie: I was attracted to him, but I wasn’t. I was done with guys, so when I met Dre I kind of wanted to be his friend. He became a homie, we would have really intimate conversations about life. We connected on a good level as friends. It’s genuine, it’s not a fake relationship. We’re real people.

Stephanie and Andre of Oxygen’s “Love Games” fame

rollingout: What else are you working on?

Stephanie: I’m going into radio, I’ve always loved interviewing people. I think that’s my calling. It’s weird because it’s like ‘oh you’re a stripper’, and you would think that I would want to do Maxim or Playboy, but I want to be a comedian and do radio. I’ve been doing interviews and I’ve been getting good feedback. My SG radio is on iTunes, my first interview was of Tahiry and Rasheeda of “Love & Hip Hop.” I’m going into acting, I’m doing anything I can to keep me out of the strip club and out of trouble.


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