Denzel Washington checks into professional detox after partying hard

Denzel Washington: December 28

Denzel Washington parties hard, checks into detox

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington pulls a Bieber. While you may expect a plethora of young Hollywood stars to turn up, Washington reminds us that age is nothing but a number when it comes to partying hard!

According to TMZ, Washington, 59, recently left an Orange County home where he resided for more than two weeks to detox after a “wild, alcohol-fueled, gluttonous month-long vacation.”

Sources close to the Training Day actor tell TMZ that “he [Denzel] was on a yacht during the month of July with his wife … and was partying and partying hard.”

Washington allegedly had the turn up of a lifetime, as he immediately sought professional care once he returned back in Los Angeles, California to help him “detox.”

“This was more than just alcohol … it was an overall cleanse for toxins,” the source continued. In addition to the supervised detox, Washington received services from a nutritionist, trainer and a personal chef.

As for Washington’s health, he is reportedly back to work. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...


  • butterbeansuga
    August 17, 2014

    hahhhh whats wrong with parying with your wife and a few groupies lol.. someone said they had a open relationship and saanan latham is a hugh part of it . notice saanan has no man for the last decade .. she is just beautiful lol

  • Sherri Etienne
    August 18, 2014

    Now this is what you call doing it waaay big!!!! This ol’ sport obviously had himself a Great Gatsby of a time and what better way to turn down than with with a full body detox? That’s awesome and when you’re Denzel Washington, hell it’s the only way to play!!! That’s why he’s still fine and 59! #denzelwashington

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