Natural hair blogger ‘The Sistah Chick’ discusses being fabulous at Family Dollar event

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Stacey Taylor is the Sistah Chick: An Atlanta-based blogger who loves to blog about natural hair care, among other things. Stacey was invited to the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event that was held in Atlanta and chopped it up with rolling out while she was there. Read what she had to say about blogging and how she keeps it fabulous.

“My name is Stacey Taylor. My name is “TheSistahChick” online, and my blog is www.TheSistahCafé.com and”

The main question today is what do you define as fabulous?

I define fabulous as being authentic. To me, if you’re being your true self, and you love yourself, then you are fabulous just by default.

How do you work fabulous into your daily life?

I live the way I want people to live. I set an example for people. Mahatma Ghandi says “be the change that  you want to see in the world” . So, I try to live my life in a way that I’m treating people fairly and kindly – and through that I show my fabulousness.

In your blog, what do you mainly talk about? 

My blog is a natural hair lifestyle blog. So, we talk about everything that has to do with natural hair for women, children and men. And then we talk about social events that happen in Atlanta.

What would be the advice that you would give to women as far as empowerment and how to make themselves feel fabulous?

My advice is always to be yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself then nobody else is going to love you. So, it always has to start within. So, I try to teach women to be authentic with who they are, self acceptance, self empowerment, self esteem are all the things that I try to encourage women to embrace about themselves. To me, that’s fabulous.

Anywhere we can find you on social media?

Yes, I am “the Sistah Chick” across all social networks

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