• wendell

    another black gay guy and a white dude, another stereotype about black gay men in general!

    • [email protected]

      Dunno what ta say??!! Guess ya betta blame whitie fo turnin’ a bro into Brook Back Suga Mountain. What was wrong wit’ da hoe in da second picta’? I be gives her sum.
      Sounds like Amazin’ Race was mo like a fast track trip down the fudge hill of San Fran! Word!

      • DBranch

        haha u r so funny. I’m glad you’ve come out the closet though. The LGBT community can use a few more racist to diversify.

  • Anthony Jude Setaro
  • Salendra

    Congrat`s to this fabulous couple! We do your workouts all the time. Insanity and rockin body. You are fun energetic and deserve the best. Salendra and ramon