George Zimmerman’s Wife Arrested for Perjury

Tue., Jun. 12, 2012 4:49 PM EST
by Danielle Canada


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  • remoten

    What can you expect from a wife trying to help her husband flee from prosecution on a charge of racially motivated murder that they both knew was true as the “911” voice recording clearly demonstrated. Most of all remember that this crime is just one of many perpetrated against people of color that have been swept under the rug down through the years. Its as if killing a person of color carries a badge of honor for those perpetraters “not of color.” Yet in this day and time the small minority committing these horrendous acts are finding themselves facing a different world of thought where justice is real and no longer just a prayer and hope for unity among the masses. The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King is still alive. Quote: I have a dream that one day Black people will no longer be judged by the color of their skin; but the content of their character!

    For far too long smallminded people have sought their 15 minutes of fame through lies, deceit and treachery in order to secure themselves a place on history as the saviors of one particular race while discarding those who have shed their blood,sweat, tears and even lives to help build a nation that somehow until most recently regarded them as only 3/5th of a person.

    Am I angry or upset about this? “Of course not.” You see; I made it my business to research “black history” in an effort to find out just how much people of color have contributed to the growth of this nation. In the following website anyone can find the truth about who really deserves credit for laying the ground work of our once prosperous and now failing nation. Within the confines of this site you will find over 2500 inventions as well as applications of products by people of color. Did you know people of color were and are responsible many of our modern conviences?

  • remoten

    You can’t judge all black people by what you think. Stereotyping only leads to a miscarriage of justice. The words “he’s black and looks like he’s up to no good” just because he’s wearing a hood over his head and walking in the rain late in the evening, gives no plausable reason for accusation. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people “not of color” who do the same thing.