michael vick: the government’s misplaced priorities

michael vick:
the government’s


Looks like Mike Vick’s magic carpet ride
has crashed and burned. And unless he can
hire a few hounds from the law firm of Cut,
Throat & Associates to save the remaining
gluteus on his maximus, the Falcons and
the NFL will snuff out Vick’s career like a
cheap cigarette. He has now been reduced
to nothing more than the next link in the
NFL commissioner’s food chain. The NFL
prodigy who looked like he could fire a pass
through a funnel cloud is now caught up in
a tornado of bad press, irate ownership,
hideous legal entanglements, and pathetic
protesters from the Tree Huggers Society
who sanctimoniously and shamelessly
exploit Vick’s car crash of a career for their
own selfish causes. The Falcons now face
an even larger dilemma: The Falcons without
Vick is like an Italian restaurant without
the pasta and the meat.
Meanwhile . another young black male
in Newport News, Va., Vick’s hometown, has
been shot and killed in another drive-by
shooting. Some woman who was abducted
weeks ago has not been found and cannot
find a sympathetic press to spill any ink in
their newspapers about her welfare. The
malnourished schoolchildren try to learn
with outdated books and apathetic, incompetent
teachers and crumbling schools. And
that’s after they pinball through their neighborhoods
to and from school, trying to
escape the predatory jaws of danger and
temptations that litter their crime-ridden,
drug-infested communities. The children’s
parents continue to wallow in misery and
disenchantment, subsisting on charities and
welfare while jobs – along with hope –
continue to make a mass migration overseas.
Many of the families’ sons and daughters
return home from Iraq in pieces after
sacrificing their lives for a nation that
regards them with repulsion, contempt and
Our nation has no time and money to
eradicate these cultural killers. Yet the
United States government has tens of millions
of dollars left over to go after Vick,
instead of going after the social ills that produce
people like Vick. –terry shropshire

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