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curtis monday – our financial health

curtis monday – our financial health
photo by steed media service

Host, WVON’s “Dollars and Sense”

Curtis Monday, host of WVON’s money talk-show, “Dollars and Sense,” creates his own opportunities. As an expert contributor to the hugely popular radio show heard Saturday mornings, from 8 to 10, Monday says his mission is to educate African Americans about finance and create an environment whereby we are moved to act based on the knowledge gained from the show. His celebrity guests have included Earl Graves Sr., Montel Williams, Linda Johnson Rice and Rhymefest. Through a blended mix of callers and candid talk, Monday lends his financial, social, and entrepreneurial expertise to future leaders and business owners within the African American community. 

Well before his meteoric rise as a radio host, Monday was a successful independent State Farm agent. The former computer programmer for the insurance agency quickly captured the attention of his superiors with his business acumen and was selected as a candidate for the company’s “emerging leaders” corporate program. 

“Whatever God has for you, He has for you,” Monday shares. “Walk in that purpose and He will open doors for you.” His six-year-old insurance business in Hazelcrest, Ill., has provided him with both the flexibility to do what he wants, as well as the chance to become an example for the community.

“I didn’t know I would enjoy running my own business and controlling my own destiny,” he confesses. “Once I got a taste of that and the freedom associated with that – both personally and financially – I got hooked and it opened doors to so many other things.” – tony binns