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friendship train

photo by steed media service

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
-John 15:13 (Bible, King James Version)

There are many forms of love: unconditional, unrequited, agape. But the
Bible placed brotherly love above all other incarnations. However, one
does not have to lay down one’s life in order to experience the impact
of brotherly love. The significance of brotherly love is manifested
with every secret exchanged and every confidence shared. A close
friendship can be the most meaningful relationship in one’s life. A
friend who offers moral support and refuge is an invaluable asset.

A good friend boosts a sagging ego and bolsters shaky resolve. Whether
you are flying high on success or hanging on the ropes after one too
many body blows, a true compatriot will be there cheering you on or
applying salve to your wounds. In the company of a longtime confidant
one can lay the soul bare and feel free to reveal one’s sacred truth.
The greatest gift one can give or receive from a friend is honesty.
Shame is not a part of any interaction with a brother simply because
the acceptance between them is immutable.

Those who stand in the gap for us are irreplaceable. (And make no
mistake about it; there is always a gap.) That is why the loss of such
a mighty force in our lives leaves us so abjectly bereft. It’s easy to
feel powerless and rudderless without the love and guidance of a
trusted ally. Friends make us better human beings. They make life
sweeter, richer and more fulfilling. Sure, we can make this journey
alone, but why would we want to? Sometimes, just knowing that a friend
has your back is all that you need to get by. Peace.


Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]