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milton latrell – growing a business

milton latrell - growing a business
photo by steed media service

Owner, Agriculture: A Crop of Style

vibrant community needs stable business anchors in order to be
successful. This is particularly true when a community has been
economically depressed for an extended period of time. Bronzeville,
once the mecca of black entrepreneurship, is a classic example of urban

Bronzeville is
presently experiencing a resurgence which may be attributed in part to
the number of new businesses taking root and sprouting. 
Agriculture: A Crop of Style is a prime example of the type of new
retail that is a welcomed addition to the area.
Fashion aficionado and shop owner, Milton Latrell, is no stranger to
the community in which he established his business — he chose the
current location because he wanted to stay in “the
‘hood.” “I was offered a lot of different places to
do my business … but I decided to come home,” says Latrell.
“Every line that is produced is a seed, which is a thought. What
happens is as the designer designs it, the consumer orders it, and over
time it becomes a crop,” he adds by way of explaining the unique

one-stop shop carries contemporary menswear, and offers clothing lines
from Ted Baker, DKNY, Mavi jeans and others, along with a wide range of
accessories. “I am marketing to young professionals … people
who understand fashion.”
Latrell’s work
was recognized with an award from the Genesis House recently, where he
humbly shared the spotlight with his business partner, Christopher
Brackenridge. The two are adding style to an increasingly tony area,
and the community can’t wait to see what’s going to crop up
next.  – t. binns 

Christopher Brackenridge (on the left) and Milton Latrell.

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