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Turner Network Exec, Melissa M. McGhie, on Serving the African American TV Audience

Turner Network Exec, Melissa M. McGhie, on Serving the African American TV Audience

As senior manager of brand development for Turner Entertainment Networks, Melissa M. McGhie works with several networks, leads consumer research projects and is passionate about increasing diversity on the small screen. McGhie is proud to be part of a company where shows like “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and Jada Pinkett Smith’s upcoming drama, “Hawthorne,” are reaching a public that is desperate for new programming.

“Going to Jada Pinkett Smith and Tyler Perry and reaching out to the community to bring these talents to our network is something that’s very important,” shares McGhie. “I think right now it’s a very exciting time within our company because we’re reaching out more on a daily basis to learn from different diverse audiences to see what it is that we can provide to them.”

McGhie also had the benefit of studying abroad — London, specifically — and worked with Turner UK. The experience was especially beneficial for the young professional. “My time studying abroad in Europe was so valuable to me professionally and personally. It helped me to see the rest of the world but also … it gave me a chance to see the way the U.S. is perceived in the rest of the world.”

“Coming out of college I was fortunate because I had done a lot of internships in high school as well as college, so I had some understanding of the professional realm,” explains McGhie. “The best professional advice I have ever received [was] just to be myself. I think coming out of school a lot of times people want to assimilate into the environment that they’re in. I’ve found that being true to who I am [helps] me stand out from the rest [and] really shows people my authenticity.” –todd williams