5 Reasons Why the NFL Needs Tony Dungy

5 Reasons Why the NFL Needs Tony Dungy

Moments after the Indianapolis Colts were upset by the surging San Diego Chargers in the first round of the AFC Playoffs, the entire state of Indiana began to hold its breath due to the uncertain future of head coach Tony Dungy. Dungy, who is the first black coach to win a Super Bowl, has contemplated retirement during prior seasons and could finally walk away from the NFL this year. The consummate family man, Dungy has often discussed spending more time with his wife and five kids in Tampa. However, the NFL may want to beg Dungy to bestow the league with a few more years of his time. Here are the top five reasons why the NFL needs Tony Dungy.-amir shaw

1. Dearth of Black NFL coaches. With only six coaches of color currently in the NFL, the league continues to be marred by the lack of minorities who are hired for prominent positions. Dungy’s success on and off of the field should prompt more partisan owners to consider hiring black coaches in the future.

2. Character. You can search the NFL from top to bottom and still will not find a person more humble than Tony Dungy. Despite his worldwide popularity and success on the football field, Dungy remains approachable and continues to be guided by his strong religious beliefs. He has proven that upstanding guys can finish first.

3. Leadership. Despite what most NFL coaches are known for, Dungy has never screamed at or chastised his players to make a point. His even-keeled approach has allowed him to earn unyielding respect from his players and colleagues. The discipline and hard work that he expects from himself is shown through the actions of his football team.

4. Inspiration. As NFL players continue to squander their opportunities by becoming entangled with the law, Dungy’s presence should serve as an inspiration on how to handle stardom correctly. Dungy continues to be a community activist and has pledged to help wayward youth in the future.

5. Winner. In 13 seasons, Dungy has compiled a record of 136 wins and 69 losses. He became the first black NFL coach to win a Super Bowl and presides over a team that is talented enough to capture another title. If he continues to coach, he will eventually pass Bill Cowher to become the 12th winning-est NFL coach of all-time

The Indianapolis Colts will hold a live press conference today at 5 p.m. EST where Tony Dungy is expected to announce his decisioin. A few outlandish media skeptics have urged Dungy to retire, but his departure from the NFL would leave a void that will be impossible to fill.

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