What Tiger Woods and Michael Vick Could Learn From Cush Media

bree cushBree Cush of Cush Media has dominated the PR industry as one of the most sought after female sports publicists and image consultants in the business. Cush specializes in damage control and crisis communications and has over 12 years of experience in public relations.

The client list the savvy PR queen boasts is quite impressive. Cush represents sports figures such as Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Michael Bennett, including former Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Dwayne Goodrich.

Cush takes special care when developing image strategies for her clients. She gets to know them, first, in order to deliver a plan that mirrors their beliefs and family values. 

Cush operates on the principle that what she does is of great importance. “Obtaining a publicist is just as important as having an agent,” she says. This belief pushes her to always do her best.

“I was appointed to serve as publicist and executive director of Martellus Bennett’s Truly Blessed Foundation,” she gushed of a recent commissioning. “Martellus Bennett, Michael Bennett and I, including their father, Michael Bennett Sr., supported World Kidney Day on March 10, 2010.”

Being aware of two prominent sports figures, Tiger Woods and Michael Vick, who are currently working to repair their tarnished images, she chimed in on Vick’s efforts, “I’m very proud of  NFL player Michael Vick’s sincerity. He displays it in every episode of ‘The Michael Vick Project’ with his continuous apologies.” 

Her passion and experience has given her a keen eye for what works versus what doesn’t and she feels the Eagles back up quarterback is on the right track. Tiger, in a fresh quagmire, could possibly take a few pointers.

With the breadth of her experience and the passion to boot, there is no stopping the “breeze” of image consultant and sports publicist Bree Cush. –erica lola king

For more information on Bree Cush and Cush Media, log on to www.cushmedia.com.


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