Atlanta Radio Personality Elle Duncan’s ‘Prom Enchanted’ Charity Event

Elle Duncan

Radio personality Elle Duncan of Atlanta’s V-103 has joined a growing list of notables in the city who are lending their time and resources to make a difference in the community.

Duncan recently launched her Cause & Effect series to recognize a number of local nonprofit organizations quarterly.The series will consist of different events thoroughout the city that will raise funds for underexposed nonprofit organizations.

Duncan partnered with Bonita Johnson of the Enchanted Closet program for the first installment of her Cause & Effect series, titled, Prom Enchanted.

“Enchanted Closet is an amazing charity that’s been around for so many years and people didn’t know about it. What we’re hoping to do with Cause & Effect is highlight causes, organizations and charity events that don’t normally get a lot of attention in [the] mainstream [press],” said Duncan.

The prom-inspired charity event was held April 27, 2010, at the swanky Studio 1 Five 0. Guests donated prom dresses to the deserving women of Enchanted Closet.

“It’s important to have events like this to broaden the exposure for our organization and gather the support of the community. Girls need to know that people care and are concerned about them and by having events like this it brings more people into the fold and gives them the exposure and support that they need,” stated Johnson.

Guests were entertained by V-103’s DJ Jaycee as they mingled and enjoyed light refreshments. Singers Chloe and Halle delivered a moving performance as they serenaded the crowd with their unique vocal abilities.

“When you watch a 15-year-old or 16-year-old girl who has low self-esteem and maybe doesn’t have a lot of confidence, and you see her on a dress and she lights up a room, it feels amazing. These girls walk in, shoulders hunched over and they can’t even look you in the eye, and one dress can change all of that,” said Duncan. –christian johnson

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