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Juwan Howard Could Join Fab 3 in Miami; 3 Nearly Retired NBAers Who Should Join James, Wade and Bosh

Juwan Howard, best known for his days as a member of the University of Michigan’s Fab 5 team of the early 1990s, could soon sign with the Miami Heat. The 37-year-old Howard could be a strong voice in the locker room and help to bring balance off the bench for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. But the best part for Howard is that he could stumble upon his first NBA championship title. Here are three other nearly retired NBA players who should join the Heat to capture their first NBA championship ring. –a.r.

Jason Kidd: Sure, Jason Kidd is currently signed to the Dallas Mavericks, but the it’s highly unlikely that the Mavs will usurp the L.A. Lakers to reach the NBA Finals. Kidd is only a few years away from retirement and he has never won a title to cement his Hall of Fame career.

Tracy McGrady: You have to almost feel sorry for McGrady. Five years ago, he was next to Kobe Bryant in the argument of the top player in the NBA. But after several injuries, he is only a shell of his former self and will retire without a ring unless he takes a pay cut to live and play in Miami for 12 to 36 months.

Steve Nash: Nash almost led the Phoenix Suns to the NBA Finals a few months ago with the help of Amar’e Stoudemire. But now that Stoudemire is in New York, the Suns’ chances of making it back the Western Conference Finals have dwindled. Nash would be the perfect fit to engineer the offense in Miami. But he would have to humble himself and take an extreme pay cut to become a champion alongside LeBron, Wade and Bosh.