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Award Winning Blogger Brother Jesse Muhammad Wants to Unite Urban Community

altBrother Jesse Muhammad, an award-winning blogger, national motivational speaker, experienced community organizer and social activist, launched a 20-city tour to share the message of unity, fairness and social awareness in urban communities. The Houston native shared with rolling out the deep knowledge he gained trekking cross-country and how he plans to share that knowledge with others.
alex green

You just completed a 20-city national and international speaking venture as part of the Community and Resistance Tour. What was the aim of the tour?

The focus was to go into various cities and connect grassroots activists as well as independent media to local, national and global social justice issues.

What was the most memorable moment for you on the tour?

Each city had its memorable moments. … In Knoxville, Tenn., we had a chance to stay [at] the Highlander Research and Education Center [the area where civil rights activists were trained]. To stay in a place where Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King and so many others were taught to fight and march, and stand up for our people was amazing. The other memorable moment was when we realized how many people who follow us on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks [had] come out to hear us speak. … It was truly rewarding.

Your speeches touched on the struggle for honest reporting. What do you feel is the truth that’s being silenced?

People have been dumbed down to think that this is a post-racial society. People see more blacks on television, radio and politics, but the mainstream media is still dressing us up. Even the black-owned media feeds us what white America says is going on in our black communities. … We have to focus on our people.

What wisdom did you gain while touring that you plan to share with future audiences?

I learned that activism is going on in every nook and cranny. … We spoke in Bluffton, Ohio, at Bluffton University where there were only five blacks in the audience and hardly any minorities at all. … That taught me that we are not alone. … People everywhere are fighting every day. … So don’t give up. …We all gotta just keep fighting.