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More Aretha Franklin: Discusses Halle Berry, Her Grammy Tribute and Her Love Life

alt src= Wednesday, March 2 popular talk show host Wendy Williams aired the first part of her interview with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Now, in part two of the interview, Franklin shares her thoughts on Halle Berry declining to play her in an upcoming biopic, her Grammy tribute and her love life.

Discussing her upcoming biopic, Franklin explains that although Berry, who was her first choice, declined the lead role, she’s continuing her search and wants someone stronger to play her in the movie.

“I knew she couldn’t sing, never expected her to and she was my first choice but not my only choice,” said Franklin, adding, “I would like the person who is going to play me to be more confident.”

In the interview, Franklin also gushes about her love for her recent tribute at the Grammy Awards and reveals who her favorite singer was during the tribute.

“I loved it, loved the tribute. I was sitting in front of the TV when it came on with a cup of banana pudding. Oh, it was wonderful,” said Franklin. “Aguilera was good. She was feeling it, that night. She was feeling it. Jennifer was good but I particularly liked what Yolanda did with ‘Spirit in the Dark.’ ”

Switching gears from her career to her love life, Franklin reveals that she would like to get married again,
but when accused of possibly being a fool for love by Williams, the singer assures that she’s far from love’s dummy.

“I love marriage, love the institution,” said Franklin. “Do you think I’m gullible?

“Well, yeah,” Williams responded.

“No. No. I’m not gullible. You get stupid. I’m not going to be stupid anymore,” Franklin said.

It’s nice to see that the Queen is in better health and such a humorous and lively sage at the age of 68.

What do you think of her interview with Williams? –nicholas robinson