Rapper Trina May Join ‘Basketball Wives’: Who We Want for Season 3

Rapper Trina May Join ‘Basketball Wives’: Who We Want for Season 3
Trina and the NBA's Kenyon Martin

Some serious spices is being sprinkled into the mix of the ultra-popular “Basketball Wives”. Rumors sweeping on from the streets has it that femme fatale rapper Trina is in negotiations with VH1 to join season 3 of the Shaunie O’Neal show.

Aside from the obvious point that you should be a basketball wife to be a candidate for the “Basketball Wives” — hey, the concept has worked on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” didn’t it? — the Miami-bred rapper who spits rhymes like bullets would inject some firepower into the reality show. That is, if the rumors from media takeout.com are to be believed.

Bred from the concrete jungles of Miami, who sometimes date the NBA brawler Kenyon Martin who‘s an emergency-room special waiting to happen, Trina is viewed as a formidable personality to begin with. You don’t just step to this fiery female without some kind of conflict jumping off.

Besides Trina, here’s our wish list for Season 3:

La La: An obvious choice, I know, and she has her own reality show in the mix. But we’d like to see how Carmelo Anthony’s wife would work her game while interweaving in and out of the lives of the personalities already on the show. And, besides, she is actually a wife.

Juanita Jordan: Michael Jordan’s ex-wife told me personally that she never gives interviews. And, can you blame her after hauling in some $200 million [give or take $10 million here or there] in her divorce settlement? But still …

Cookie Johnson: The burgeoning businesswoman could give serious insights into how to recreate yourself at midstream. More importantly, the wife of legend Magic Johnson could teach a lesson or two about sticking with your man under the most dire and dramatic of circumstances.

Savannah Brinson: She could tell us what she’s up to while she’s on hold, waiting on that ring after birthing two kids for NBA superstar LeBron James.

Gloria James: No, LeBron’s mother is not an NBA wife or girlfriend [last we heard]. But she would definitely send the ratings into orbit with her eccentric personality and, well, just being LeBron‘s mother. And she could settle the question once and for all: What happened in last year’s playoffs when LeBron, then a Cleveland Cavalier, seemingly quit on the franchise [or so many critics believe]. And did it have anything to do with the alleged affair between Gloria James and LeBron’s former teammate, NBA outlaw Delonte West?

— terry shropshire

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