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‘O.P.P.’ Rappers, Naughty By Nature, Readying Comeback Album

1990’s hip-hop group Naughty by Nature have seemingly been in music limbo since the early 2000’s but now after nearly a decade of silence, the group is returning with a new album, Anthem Inc, and a new mission to reestablish themselves in hip-hop’s new era.

As the group explained in an interview with’s The Juice, their new album is being created to appeal to both old fans and new fans alike.

“With ‘Anthem Inc’ we will be doing some re-recordings as well as some brand new music,” group member Vin Rock. “You’ll be able to get some of Naughty ‘then’ and some of Naughty ‘now.’ ”

The group recently released the first single from the album, “Flags,” along with two accompanying videos titled “Life Cut” and “Death Cut.”

Although old fans haven’t heard from Naughty By Nature since their last album, 2002’s IIconic, the group claims that major label politics have prevented them from releasing any new music since then.

“It was politics,” said Treach. “We weren’t planning on releasing an album until we had the right deal. We found out the right deal would only be for us to go independent which we are.”

Despite the fact that hip-hop has greatly changed since the days of their classic early 90’s anthems “Hip Hop Hooray” and “O.P.P.,” Naughty by Nature feels confident that they reintroduce themselves into the scene and find a set of fans to appreciate their music.

“Our whole thing is we’ve been seeing the game change like every five years for the past twenty years,” said Treach. “Even though when we were pushed to the side and seen as an older group and like our time was up, we changed the game and did other things. When you lay certain blueprints, it’s like you never lose that sheet. You can always go back there and re-establish yourself, re-invent yourself. We’ve never been afraid to do either.”

Naughty by Nature’s new album, Anthem Inc., will be released in May.

Do you think Naughty by Nature can make a strong comeback? Will you be purchasing their album? –nicholas robinson