Pharrell Involved in Green Company That Makes Bionic Yarn (Video)

Pharrell Involved in Green Company That Makes Bionic Yarn (Video)

No, it’s not a new band….

Today, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” rapper-producer Pharrell Williams spoke about his involvement in the green energy initiative. Williams is a key investor in Return Textiles Corporation, the producer of bionic yarn – a highly durable fiber composed of organic cotton wrapped around a core of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic commonly used for the production of soda bottles.

When woven, bionic yarn becomes a water-repellent material that looks like cotton canvas but dries quicker and is twice as abrasion-resistant. The fiber is being commercialized by clothing and footwear companies such as Moncler, TopShop, Cole Haan and Timberland.  Williams was wearing a collaboration Return Textiles has with Gap — a T-shirt made from four bottles and a hooded sweatshirt made from 12 plastic bottles. Williams’ Return Textiles business partner, Tyson Toussaint, was with him on the show.

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Williams is hopeful that his involvement in green technology will introduce the viability to his musical audience. “We want people to think about their carbon footprint,” said Williams in an interview, adding that he plans to use the fabric in his own clothing lines. “Instead of creating more polyester, [let’s] sustain what we have by recycling.” –a. robinson

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