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Young Money’s Tyga: West Coast Rappers Can Be Successful With More Worldly Sound

Young Money rapper Tyga is one of the latest in a slew of young rappers to come out of the West Coast hip-hop scene and,  while artists from the South, East Coast and even Canada are still dominating the hip-hop and pop charts, Tyga explains that he believes West Coast emcees can, once again, find success with a more worldly sound.

In an interview with MTV News’ Sway Calloway on “RapFix Live,” Tyga addressed the long-held drought of success for most L.A. rappers following the rise and fall of gangsta rap, explaining that L.A. rappers must change their sound to achieve the same success they once had.

“I don’t think it’s that hard to break out of L.A. because there are a lot of new artists out,” said Tyga. “Back in the day, when you had N.W.A., that was the sound for music, and a lot of L.A. artists sound like they’re from L.A. when they rap and stuff, and a lot of people around the world won’t relate as much,”

Adding to his argument, Tyga cites the current buzz of oddball rap group Odd Future as an example of the new sound of L.A. that he  believes will lead West Coast rappers  back to chart success.

“Odd Future, for example, [the group’s frontman] Tyler don’t sound like he from L.A., so he can get out to more people, and his music can be more worldly because it’s a new sound.”

Watch video of Tyga’s interview below.

Tyga Discusses West Coast Rappers

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