Founder of Sparkles of Life, Inc., Rhonda Lewis-Nwosu, Launches the First ‘Mother’s Heart’ Brunch Fundraiser

Founder of Sparkles of Life, Inc., Rhonda Lewis-Nwosu, Launches the First 'Mother’s Heart' Brunch Fundraiser
Rhonda Lewis-Nwosu

Founder of Sparkles of Life, Inc., Rhonda Lewis-Nwosu will launch the inaugural Mother’s Heart Brunch fundraiser on May 7, 2011. This uplifting and life-changing event seeks to bring families together to celebrate mothers.  This event will raise awareness about the issues of families facing difficulties in conception and delivery during their road to parenthood and provide funds that will support the Sparkles of Life, Inc.’s innovative programs.

Through strategic programming and fundraising, Sparkles of Life, Inc., will offer emotional and spiritual support to families who are expecting birth, mourning the loss of an unborn child, enduring a high-risk pregnancy or planning to adopt or mentor. Sparkles of Life, Inc., recognizes that every family’s journey is unique and encourages families to pray, praise and celebrate life through every step of their journey. –alex green

What is Sparkles of Life?

Sparkles of Life, Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families on their paths to parenthood. We support mothers-at-heart and women whose journey consists of infertility, miscarriage(s) or delayed parenting through education, empowerment and advocacy. This silent and painful crisis, an often misunderstood condition, affects 7.3 million people and one in eight U.S. couples of childbearing age are diagnosed with infertility.  We believe these numbers are greater amongst the African American populations because of the generation shift in couples marrying in their later years and [less] access to proper health care and insurance.

What programs does Sparkles offer?

We have monthly sessions where we are using social media to connect the masses, allowing women to openly and candidly talk and ask the tough questions.  During our heart-to-heart chats, we have professionals online and in the room to help facilitate the discussion. My other project is Sparkling MeMes, which is a special program for women who are blessed with wisdom and inspiration that only come with age. These women volunteer their time to mentor and support women who are on the journey to parenthood and personal growth. Whether you are a grandmother, great aunt or good friend, we want you to join the movement, too

Why should the community support Sparkles of Life?

Because we here at Sparkles of Life help to create strategic alliances to support those who desire to grow their families. We also assist in the desire to be a parent. That crosses socioeconomic cultures and class.  Our community needs help eliminating the overwhelming emptiness felt by some women when they are unable to carry a child to full term and men who often feel helpless and paralyzed because their pride and manhood come into question. Sparkles of Life is the link that connects the heart of a family through this painful journey.

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