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Colleges Scheme to Fake Gender Equality in Women’s Sports

The NCAA is a flawed institution that borders on being corrupt. For years, major college athletic programs have been allowed to earn millions of dollars by marketing athletes who aren’t paid for bringing money to their programs.

According to the New York Times, several colleges and universities are now breaking the rules to appear as if they comply with Title IX under federal law.

Created in 1972, Title IX was implemented to even the playing field for women who desire to play sports. In turn, athletic departments must prove that an equal amount of female and male students are participating in sports. But when an adequate number of female students don’t try out for sports, many colleges pad the numbers by counting female athletes three times, using the same names for different sports  and even counting men as women. Coaches of men’s teams are then allowed to put more male athletes on their rosters. Men’s basketball and football teams bring in the most revenue for colleges. Schools that have used deception to comply for Title IX include South Florida, Texas A&M and Cornell University.

Although colleges and universities exist to prepare students for the future, many schools and the NCAA are majoring in manipulation and minoring in deception.–a.r.