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Halle Berry, Nia Long: Create a Vanity Like Hollywood Stars Use


Channel your inner Eartha Kitt and apply your makeup, style your hair, and take your time getting ready in style. We think old Hollywood would agree that a chic vanity table in your boudoir will eliminate chaos and tidy up bathroom shelves and drawers of makeup, hair accessories and fragrance.

In a perfect world, each girl would have endless bathroom space and a closet that would put Keri Bradshaw to shame. Here is how to create your own vanity to keep you feeling good about yourself and begin your day with a positive attitude. Remember to add your own creative twist whether the space you have is as small as a desk or as elaborate as a MAC makeup counter. –mckenzie harris

What you need:
–Desk or table
–Medium to large mirror with or without attached lighting
–Table lamp with a soft white light bulb
–Compact storage drawers divided into sections for makeup, hair and accessories
–Chair or ottoman
–Decorative makeup brush holders
–Fragrance tray
–A framed photo of yourself or your favorite yesteryear Hollywood starlet

Eartha Kitt in her dressing room

–Your vanity space is in area created for you to beautify yourself in all aspects. Don’t place your your vanity in your bathroom. Humidity and steam from your shower can wreak havoc on your makeup products, potentially causing bacterial growth.

–A great place to set up your vanity is an isolated corner with a hardwood floor or an isolated area in your bedroom. Add a fun carpet underneath your vanity to prevent any permanent stains from accidental product spills.

Lighting is everything when it comes to applying your makeup. Placing your vanity by a window that gives great natural lighting is the best idea during the day. At night, a light with a dimmer switch can add that glamorous look to your vanity and allow you to control the level of brightness.

–Finally, you need a comfortable place to sit. A cushy fabric covered chair or ottoman provides a place where you can recharge and relax. Make sure your chair is the right height to ensure that you do not get a backache or have difficulty seeing what you are doing.