Natalie J. Helps Support New Fashion Designers With Enjay Boutique

Natalie J. Helps Support New Fashion Designers With Enjay Boutique
Enjay Boutique Owner, Natalie Johnson

Web Boutique Name: Enjay Boutique

Owner: Natalie Johnson

Years in Operation: One

Boutiques have a reputation for being unique, what unique fashions does Enjay carry?

Enjay Boutique’s apparel and accessories have been designed by some of the best up-and-coming designers and wholesalers from Houston, New York, Los Angeles and London. The unique feature about Enjay Boutique is that the quality and design of the garments are just as chic, if not better than what you may find at your local Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue; however, our garments have exclusive designs you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Sometimes when women find that perfect place to get their fashions, they keep it a secret. When you get compliments on your clothes, do you share where you’ve found them?

Of course, since I also design garments and support the designers of the store, you may see me from time to time wearing a garment designed by one of the designers or me. Enjay Boutique is set up to be the retailing avenue for talented, up-and-coming designers who desire to have their designs sold globally and exclusively.

What are the big ticket items in your wardrobe that are a necessity?

Jeans of great quality that fit correctly! I, along with so many women have the issue with pants or jeans not laying down in the back along my gluteus, thus, needing a belt to do so.  I am very particular about how I spend my money, but I will spend money to ensure having quality pants or jeans that allow me to be comfortable and confident that I am not displaying body parts in public.

If we checked out your closet, what would we find?

Shoes galore! I am a shoe fanatic; however, I do like to keep my closet organized. So, you would see the closet organized by categories such as corporate, casual and cocktail. Also amongst these categories you will see sections of pants, tops, blouses, sweaters, etc. This allows me to create combination of garments very easily.

Any upcoming projects?

Enjay Boutique will be supporting GlamShop Girls in Houston on Oct. 19.

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