Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Talks Her Personal Style, Jay-Z, and New VH1 Series

We already released the news that fabulous celebrity stylist June Ambrose landed her own VH1 half hour docu-series titled “The June Ambrose Project.” The show is set to premiere in early 2012, giving viewers a glimpse of her chaotic and exciting career. “For a very long time, everyone’s been wanting to experience my world,” said Ambrose.

The fashion icon recently spoke with The Stylist on some of her go-to labels, working with Jay-Z, and the key to a great makeover. Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below. –mckenzie harris

What do you hope to share with your viewers?

The dynamics of how to balance it all — being able to run your own business and company and still have a family. And just feeling like you’re not drowning everyday, and still being stylish along the way. I think it’s really about showing women and guys how to use fashion as a weapon, and be adventurous, and think outside of the box, and be fearless when it comes to discovering style.

What’s the key to a good makeover?

Not being afraid of yourself, not being afraid of all eyes to be on you. Discovery’s probably one of the biggest things about making over one’s self. It’s definitely not a surface experience. It’s from the inside out. It’s clinical, it’s emotional, it’s a process. Hopefully, the audience will feel that journey and know that it’s not something that happens overnight.

What’s it like to work with Jay-Z?

It’s a true work/friendship relationship. Our families are close. When I gave birth to my second child, it was a week before he called me into work for the cover of a magazine. Everyone was extremely sensitive and sympathetic to the fact, and I wanted to go back to work. I’d rather work with people I enjoy being around, and truly when I work with him he challenges me in a way that a client should.

Who are your go-to designers?

I can go from loving Yves Saint Laurent to [Jean Paul]Gaultier to Zara and J.Crew. I wear a Gap denim shirt with a leopard gown during the day. I love sequins in the day, and the idea of taking things out of context. … I’m not afraid to do the things I love when it comes to fashion, because style is the way I articulate my personality.

To read more from the interview, visit www.stylelist.com.

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