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Angela Simmons Poses Nude for PETA

Angela Simmons has bared all in front of the cameras on her hit reality shows and now the pastry co-founder is taking it a step further ad taking off her clothes for a good cause as the latest nude model for PETA’s “Go Vegetarian” campaign.

In the photos, which were released by GlobalGrind earlier this week, Simmons, covered only slightly by her flowing curly tresses and sporting a bright red apple, works an Adam and Eve theme for the shoot as she promotes vegetarianism with the line, “Eating Meat Is a Sin: Go Vegetarian.”

In a video interview with PETA, Simmons explains that she was compelled to partner with animal rights organization after visiting their website.

“I went on one day and at the time I wasn’t a vegetarian yet, and I was making the whole transition. I’m a vegetarian now,” said Simmons. “I really want people to know what happens to animals. They have feelings. I think it’s important that we take action. … I want to open people’s eyes up and I want people to check it out. I want to help raise money. … I want to help.”

According to the daughter of Run-DMC’s Rev. Run, she was inspired by her famous uncle, Russell Simmons, a noted vegan, to make the transition to vegetarianism.

“My uncle, Russell Simmons has been a vegan for a really long time. When I was younger, he was vegan and I kind of paid attention here and there. He let me watch a video that kind of threw me off and was like, ‘I don’t want to eat any meat,’ ” explained Simmons. “At first, I was really afraid of doing it because I’m like ‘[without] protein I’m not going to feel good. I’m going to feel weak.’ There’s protein in a lot things and I’m happy with it. I feel lighter. It’s a good feeling.”

Simmons is now the third black celebrity to pose for PETA this year. Actress Taraji P. Henson and rapper Waka Flocka Flame both stripped down and bared all for the animal rights group’s campaign. –nicholas robinson


  1. Anonymous on September 28, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Angela, Angela, Angela… It was inevitable that she bared all for something or somebody and I guess PETA was it. This is a child whom despite what appeared to be a positive upbringing with Rev and Justine suffered a lot with esteem issues.

    Being the younger sister to a sister who was always considered more beautiful made her self-conscious. I remember on one episode of Run’s House (which by the way I loved) she was battling with issues of weight. And she didn’t look bad, I mean she could tone up, but who can’t. Anyway, that and I’m sure a host of other issues we didn’t see and have no idea about, have led this girl to public displays of her body which for some reason attracts the attention of the media which inturn strokes her ego and I guess ultimately makes her feel like, “I am beautiful, see.”

    The media writes, Oh Angela Simmons is wearing a bathing suit and her body is bangin, Oh Angela Simmons is growing into the prettier sister, Oh Angela, Angela! I mean if showing your body for attention is what it takes to make you feel beautiful through the adoration of the public, I feel sorry for her. Because we all know, getting folks attention is one, but keeping it is another! And as Heidi Klum say on Project Runway, “One minute you’re in and the next, you’re out!”

    All in all, she is a beautiful young lady with a good head on her shoulders, great parents and a strong future ahead of her. I just hope she doesn’t give so much of herself that eventually there’s nothing left to care about. Aside from that, I think the ad is very tasteful and she looks amazing!

  2. Uncle Chuck on September 28, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Tastefully done!