Is This Guy the World’s Worst Welfare Dad?

Is This Guy the World's Worst Welfare Dad?
Jamie Cumming photographed with his children.

In the Middle Ages, a person’s last name was loosely related to their occupation; Mr. Blacksmith was probably a blacksmith. Mr. Baker was more than likely a baker.

Clearly the tradition is still in vogue.

Enter Jamie Cumming, a man who really needs to stop doing so.

Mr. Cumming, 34, is an unemployed British guy who has just added a new baby to the family, bringing the grand total to 16, by 14 different women.

By the numbers, Mr. Cumming can spend time with two sets of families (two different baby mothers, and two different kids), seven days a week, and he’ll still have two extra kids, number 15, and 16, vying for his attention.

Cumming began his Johnny Appleseed-like walk to notoriety back in 1995, when he became a father at age 17. The young couple was in love throughout the pregnancy, but after the baby was born, Cumming hooked up with his girlfriend’s cousin.

After that, Cumming had a baby with the cousin’s friend.

Through the years, Cumming has fathered babies with the neighbor’s daughter, one night stands, and various other women, apparently most connected by six degrees of separation.

Cumming “lives off benefits” according to the British tabloids, and he is not the diaper, baby-formula buying kind of dad. In lieu of child support, Cumming prefers to buy expensive gifts for his baby’s mothers to pawn.

Cumming’s baby-making has caused a furor when the 16th child was announced recently because he does not support his children.

On that note, Cumming claims his children, has been photographed with his children and for all practical purposes, should be a walking posterchild for safe sex.

Thus, why do these women continue to have unprotected sex and produce more children with such a reckless man?

Perhaps the women of Great Britain are hypnotized by Jamie Cumming’s stylish haircut.

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