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Bizarre Shows Extreme Love for Nicki Minaj With a Tattoo: 7 Other Bizarre Celebrity Face Tattoos

D12’s most peculiar member, Bizarre, turned several heads last month, when he revealed his obsession and “love” for rap queen Nicki Minaj during an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live” and in his over-the-top video, “Hey Nicki.” But now, just days after enamored rapper Drake was spotted with a large Aaliyah tattoo on his back, Bizarre has apparently followed suit and revealed that he’s immortalized his love for Minaj with a tattoo of the Barbie doll emcee on his arm.

Chronicling his statement of love for Minaj, Bizarre recorded the tattooing process as he proclaims his since – and rather extreme – love for Minaj and calls himself her husband.

“I want to show Nicki how much I really, really love her. Love her. … So check this out Nicki. I did this for you and only you. So here goes the world exclusive. This is how much I love you and I will eat your pu—y for life. F–k it,” explains Bizarre, before the scene switches to him lying in a bathtub, wearing a curly pink wig and singlasses. “What’s up, Nicki? This is your husband, Bizarre.Taking a nice little bubble bath, thinking about you. 2012, that’s our year.”

The scene then shifts to Bizarre in a tattoo parlor with tattoo artist Brooklyn Payne. “Right now, I’m going to show you my new addition. My new tattoo. Check it out. F–k yeah!” yells Bizarre, before showing off his tattoo of Minaj, inspired her curly blue-haired look in the Diddy-Dirty Money “Hello Good Morning” video. “Nicki, this is how much I love you. This is your husband, Bizarre.”

Clearly, Bizarre is not only intent on proving his undying love for Minaj, but also proving that he’s the weirdest rapper around. All we want to know is, what does Minaj herself think of Bizarre’s new tattoo? While we all ponder that question, check out our list of other bizarre celebrity face tattoos. – nicholas robinson


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  1. Dasheajohnson23 on January 4, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    crazy mothafucker.