Telltale Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Telltale Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Been hesitating on adding some spice to your marriage or you just don’t understand the purpose of date night? Your spouse may have decided to search for what’s missing elsewhere. Keep reading for a few tell-tale signs that will clue you in on whether your spouse may be cheating:

No longer needy

Formally clingy and needy, a husband who displays sudden independence might have had his needs for attention satisfied elsewhere. Remember how his lack of responsibility used to wear you out. Then, consider how he now takes long motorcycle rides with ‘the boys’ on beautiful weekends when he used to relish following you to the laundry, grocery store, outlet mall. It might be worth taking a look at who is in this bike, car or sports club.

No more anger

Did your wife used to get angry when you couldn’t meet her for lunch or commit your Saturday for you both to take the dog to the vet? But, now a no-go gets a polite kiss on the cheek with a sly, “No problem, dear. Maybe next time.” Maybe you just gave her an excuse for a few lost hours with her new lover.

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