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Music » Mary J. Blige Sings for Burger King, But Why Are We Really Mad?

Mary J. Blige Sings for Burger King, But Why Are We Really Mad?

Many loyal Mary J. Blige fans and haters alike were extremely disgusted at the fact that she sang her heart out over a chicken wrap.  The fact that she even stooped so low to partially admit that black people like chicken must have made our ancestors turn in their graves.  Did your white friend ask you if you had a wrap after the commercial?

I understand that the Burger King table isn’t the proudest stage we’ve seen the “Queen of Ghetto Love” (her original nickname) on, but haven’t so many others succumbed to the perils of money and media by singing for a big name/big calorie product?

Is it a crime that the King paid a hefty sum to bring the Queen on board in order to boost their sales and her notoriety? Would you have been pleased if they dug back in the pit of pop stars that haven’t hit Celebrity Rehab?

We have all seen Mary J Blige at various points in her career and life. We have all experienced struggle, adversity, and pleasure in our breakthrough.  We should be happy that Mary is still a living testimony that women don’t have to take off their clothes and rearrange their face or persona just to find success through your talents.  We should take advantage of the fact that there are now opportunities for new artists to plant their seeds in the fertile industry ground.

Instead of clinging onto our frayed ‘Word Up’ posters we peeled off our old bedroom walls wishing H-Town would make a comeback, let’s help usher in quality talent that uses our Old School Kings and Queens as inspiration to make good music.

Mary J Blige is living her commercial, and though you may not agree with the final edit, she’s still the star of the show.


Mary J Blige pour Burger King by skeuds


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