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Nick Love Merges Hip-Hop and Food With ‘ATL Bite Life’: Top 5 Rap Restaurateurs

Nick Love has served as an intricate voice in Atlanta’s music scene for several years. He has worked with artists such as Young Jeezy, Young Capone and Asia Bryant. But after realizing that he was spending most of his income on eating out at restaurants, Love decided to create ATL Bite Life to chronicle his eating experiences and merge it with hip-hop.

Love recently spoke with rolling out about ATL Bite Life and revealed the top restaurant patios in Atlanta.

1)How did you get started with the idea of ATL Bite Life?

The idea came about as a result of discovering that I truly had a passion for food.  I made pretty good money in the music business, but I never really developed a desire for high-end fashion, cars, jewelry or gadgets. My vice was food. I always wanted to try new foods and restaurants.  Once I recognized that I was becoming sort of a directory for my friends on cool spots to eat around the city, I decided to blog about it.  Once I started the blog, I began filming myself going out to eat. I eventually started taking some of my industry friends and celebs with me.  At that point, “ATL Bite Life” was born.

2) Who have you interviewed?

So far, we’ve done 2 Chainz, Block (CEO of Block Ent), ASAP Rocky, Verse Simmonds, Sheneka Adams, Henry Welch, Ray “Hitch” Daniels, and Travis Porter.

3)What is the overall goal of ATL Bite Life?

The goal for ATL Bite Life is to ultimately expand into a global lifestyle brand for the urban foodie.  We want to be a complete source of information for all things food related.  From restaurants to food related health issues to recipes and more. But we also want to entertain.  We do eating competitions, celebrity cooking shorts on YouTube and flash mobs at restaurants.  By fusing hip-hop culture with foodie culture, we’re injecting some “cool” into an activity that every human being must do on a daily basis. In the near future, we’ll probably morph into just “The Bite Life” and present our food and music hybrid on a national level.

Several hip-hop artists have delved into the food business. Click continue to see the top five rap restaurateurs.

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