Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked; Other Celebrities Assaulted and Humiliated

Pastor Marvin Winans Robbed and Carjacked.

Pastor Marvin Winans, the minister who eulogized Whitney Houston, was carjacked and assaulted by unidentified black men while pumping gas in Detroit. According to police reports, Winans declined medical treatment.

The May 16, 2012, report reads:

This afternoon, around 3:20 p.m., at Linwood and W. Davidson, the male victim, aged 54, had finished pumping gas into in his vehicle (2012, Infinity, QX56, 4 Door, purple) when he was approach by suspect No. 1, who began to physically assault him. Another three suspects approached and also began to physically assault the victim. Personal items and an undisclosed amount of US currency was taken from the victim. The suspects escaped in the victim’s vehicle south on Linwood. The victim declined medical treatment.



Suspect 1: Black male, white T-shirt, dark jeans.

Suspects 2 and 3: Black males, no further description.

Winans is surely singing God’s praises that he was able to get away with this life. Bill Cosby’s son Ennis wasn’t so fortunate in 1997. He was murdered during a robbery attempt while he was changing a tire along a major freeway in the affluent Bel Air area of Los Angeles.

And, Michael Jordan’s father James R. Jordan Sr. who in 1993  was shot point-blank in the chest just moments after he woke from a nap. He pulled his red Lexus over on the side of the road in Lumberton, NC. The assailants wanted to steal the car, but decided otherwise after rifling through his pockets and discovering a watch that was inscribed with a note that read: “To Dad, from Michael and Juanita.”

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