Don’t see. Do.: Can you speak intelligently about how clothing provides a window into the inner lives of Mad Men characters? Do you find yourself arguing about how the degree of depth lost in the Game of Thrones TV series as compared to the books?

Anyone can share opinions about movies or TV or even (I’ll grudgingly admit) books. That’s why opinions are quickly forgotten. What you say isn’t interesting; what you do is interesting.

Spend your life doing instead of watching. Cool things will happen. Cool things are a lot more interesting and a lot more memorable.

That’s especially true when you…

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  • Arnold Jenson

    Puddin. Ol’ Bill Cosby used ta tell me dat whitie be likin da pudding. Ol’ Whitie all be guilty ‘n cabbage fer dat lonesome dove talk. Y’all be trippin wit some roaching. Jus be pullin my socks and let dems cool runnins into some John Candy. Y’ll know dis be true.