Bishop Paul Morton Changing a Generation Through 6N1 Conference

Meet: Bishop Paul Morton, presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist church Fellowship International

Pastor: Changing a Generation Church in Atlanta

Co-pastor: Greater Saint Stevens Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans

On dealing with adversity …

I know that God even allowed me to go through some things before the actual recession that hit in 2008 because when you look at it I actually experienced my recession in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. So I can talk from experience. I lost my home, I lost my job because there were no people to pastor at that particular time. And so that involved income. I lost my automobile, I lost my clothes … but God restored everything because he promised me that he would. And the word of God says that “My God shall supply all your needs” and so I believed that and stood on his word. So now even in this recession when people say that you don’t know, well they can’t say I don’t know because I’ve been there, I’ve experienced that. So what you have to do is continue to trust God and believe God because he is a restorer. I know America may be broke but God is not broke.

One thing that He promised me after Hurricane Katrina [was] ” I’m going to make your latter greater than your former,” and I am experiencing that in my life as our ministry continues to expand and grow. It’s very, very, very, exciting for us.

 On mentoring …

I think it is very important having a mentor or being a mentor. I endeavor to be a mentor to so many because of all of the success that I’ve experienced in my life of course. … I don’t ever want to keep it to myself because people need to know how I got to where I got to and that it wasn’t always easy.

On the 6N1 conference …

The 6N1 conference I thank God for it. It’s called 6N1, this means that we’re having six major conferences that will be going on at the same time. And we will all gather as one conference in the evening time. … [There will] be six different conferences, something for everybody. It is major, it is going to be exciting. We believe that it is the conference of the year.

Join Bishop Morton and Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International at the 19th annual 6N1 Conference, June 27 to 29, 2012, at the Georgia World Cogress Center in Atlanta. Visit for more information.



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