Sexy Summer Eyes: How to Apply Eyelashes

Applying eye lashes is truly an art form.  One, they have a dramatic effect on your appearance.  Lashes bring out your sexy and open the eyes.

There are two types of lash applications: lash strip and individual lashes.

  1. The Lash Strip – The proper way to apply a strip is to cut your eyelash extensions to fit the length of your eyelid. I recommend using a flare lash to add dimensions and volume on the outer corner of the lash line. Apply mascara lightly to the lashes prior to the strip application. Don’t rush. Use your preferred bonding glue. Make sure to blow or fan the strip to speed up bonding. Check to ensure it’s completely dry because the strip could fall out and when you least expect it. Last, use eye liner over the top of the lash line to blend the false lash and the natural lash line. Don’t go too long or too thick unless it’s Halloween or there’s a celebrity look you have in mind.
  2. Individual lashes look better when done by a professional because they can see sparse areas of the eyelid that you may potentially miss. On average, it costs $25  and goes as high $200.

brandi hart

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