10 Reasons ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Not Scripted

It’s hard to believe “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is the real deal, but too many facts say otherwise.

Let’s put the naysayers to rest about the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Though many may agree that the story line seems so crazy that only a non-fiction writer could conjure up, there’s truth to every story. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast has been the topic of many conversations, and though everyone has an opinion on the portrayal of the members and the African American community, one thing is for certain — they’re on the show for a reason.

Believe it or not, the stories on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are real, and here’s 10 reason this reality show is not scripted.


Renee Gardner

#HipHopSoul Artist and creator of the Omen Agency's #HipHopTownHall, #OmenCypher and ReneetheG TV.

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