Black Brown and Ugly: Hip-Hop’s New Voice

Reminiscent of early Public Enemy, BBU’s sound travels in the same spirit as their pioneers.

Both can present serious and thought-provoking music while simultaneously allowing people to dance and enjoy themselves to their records. BBU’s first released mixtape entitled bell hooks is a glimpse into the psyche of BBU and named after the famed Black feminist and essayist bell hooks.

“We wanted to glorify someone who needs to be glorified. Tons of people have hit us up like ‘yo I never heard of bell hooks now I’m reading her work.’

It’s cool to push better idols and when has hip hop named an album after a woman?!” says Illekt.

It’s a rarity to find a group that tastefully blend politics, feminism, and other social critiques into the themes of their music and create a palatable sound.

BBU is a testament to the diversity and power of hip hop. Yes, the messages are heavy but the beats are heavier. Who says you can’t dance your way to liberation?

At least that’s a start.

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